Why Do I Need Ear Wax?

Lately readers have been asking me an interest question – Why do I need ear wax? They say things like it is very annoying or it is very embarrassing when I am sitting in class or in my office and there is ear wax starting to show in my ear or if there is some sitting there already in my outer ear and I did not feel it there but a fellow co-worker or class mate notices it before me.

I understand this happens from time to time but you don’t want to go wishing you didn’t have ear wax anymore. I promise you it is not just some unnecessary substance your body makes to bother you with. Ear wax is actually a useful part of your ear. It is needed to properly lubricated and protect your ears. Without earwax you would have many other problems to deal with then being embarrassed or annoyed.

You need ear wax to protect your inner ear canal. Whether you realized it or not there are always different things like dirt, really small insects, dust, fuzz, and bad bacteria trying to make their way into your ears. Ear wax acts to stop them from making their way into your ears by immobilizing them as soon as they make contact. This is the main reason you need ear wax.

It also help with lubrication. Just as your body produce different substances to keep other parts of your body lubricated ear wax also known as Cerumen the scientific name for it is how the body keeps your ear lubricated.

As for ear wax coming out of your ears at random times that is just part of the body natural way out getting rid of ear wax. That is just how you body does it. Now when it can’t get the ear wax out when the system breaks down and you start having ear pain or loss of hearing. Then this is called Cerumen Impaction also called Block Ear and it is time to see a doctor. If you need help with ear wax removal check out the home page.

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