Middle Ear Infection Symptoms

Middle Ear infection also known as Otitis Media is the infection that happens behind your ear drum. This type of infection is found normally in children and typically happens after a case of common cold or flu. Almost all children before the age of three will have one case of Otitis Media knowing this is one of the first steps to determining if your child is suffering from any middle ear infection symptoms.

What Is Middle Ear Infection

To break it all down middle ear infection is simply an inflammation of the middle ear in most cases. The middle ear is the part of the ear around the ear drum and the ear drum itself. There are three types of infection that are explained below.

Types Of Middle Ear Infections

There are three types of middle ear infections – Acute Otitis Media – is the most basic form and is a temporary inflammation of the middle ear.

Recurrent Acute Otitis Media – is the same as the first except the infection continues to come and go in episodes or cycles and the ear always returns to normal between episodes.

Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion – also called (OME) AKA – glue ear. When this happens there is a constant buildup of thick sticky fluid in the middle part of the ear. The Effusion (buildup of fluid) normally does not cause any additional pain but makes the ear feel stuffy. So if your child has a lot of middle ear infections and complains about stuffy ears you might want to ask your doctor about Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion.

Middle Ear Infections In Children

The bottom line here is middle ear infections in children are most common before the age of five. That does not mean that it is impossible for adults. But it seems that almost all cases come from young children. Here is a list of signs and symptoms for you to look for. First symptoms are the same as a common cold sniffled, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, and cough. So if you child has any of these signs or has a case of the common cold the you will want to check and see if they are getting an infection as well.

Middle Ear infection In Babies Or Infants

A baby will not be able to tell you that it’s ear are hurting so how doing you know if they have an ear infection or not. First if you notice them tugging or rubbing their ears often then that is a prime sign that they might have an infection. Also looking for restlessness, fever, constant crying.

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