Ear Wax Removal Candle

Ear wax removal candles are usually made of linen or cotton. They are cone shaped apparatus that has been soaked in wax and allowed to harden. The ear wax removal candle is placed through plate to collect some of the excess ear wax, the candle its self is positioned in the external ear canal. To activate the candle after it is placed in the ear – you will light the opposite end.

At this point you may be asking – How does the ear wax removal candle actually work? It is said but not proven that the ear wax removal candlecreates a weak vacuum just strong enough to pull out ear wax and other debris that shouldn’t be in the ear.

Once the ear wax removal candle has finished working a dark and waxy substance can be found left at the end of the candle. Many believe this to be the ear wax and debris that was pulled from their ear – it has not been proven whether or not if it is – some say that the ear candle doesn’t work and that the dark waxy substance is just the remains of the ear wax removal candle itself.

Some say that there are risks involved in the use of ear wax removal candle. These potential risks are obstruction of the ear canal from wax dripping back into the ear from the candle, burns from hot wax to the ear, skin, and hair, and perforated ear drum.

You may be asking yourself at this point – should I use an ear wax removal candle? Well many out there have used the ear wax removal candle and was quite happy with the results, but not everyone has felt that way. A study that was published by the journal of Laryngoscope studied the safety and efficacy of the ear wax removal candle. The research found there concluded that they did not produce a vacuum and that some even had candle wax go into some of the ears from the candle. The study was a preliminary study that only involved eight ears.