Ear Wax Removal Drops

Ear wax removal drops can be an easy and effective way to keep ear wax in check. There are many different types of over-the-counter ear wax removal drops on the market to buy but there aren’t any that really stand out over any other one type.

There are many reasons out there that might make you think you need ear wax removal drops like – ringing noise in your ear, ear pain, hearing problems, and dizziness. Remember to check with your doctor first if you are having any of these problems.

Ear wax removal drops can be either water based or oil based are commonly used to get rid of ear wax or help aid in ear syringing. It has been said that there seem to be no advantage between using expensive store bought ear wax removal drops vs. water and saline drops but that either of the two are just fine in aiding to remove ear wax.

However if you are looking to try some ear wax removal drops try using something all natural and homeopathic like Similasan’s formula for ear wax removal drops called ear wax reliefTM ear drops. Other ear wax removal ear drops you might want to try are hydrogen peroxide, luke-ware water, saline drops, Murine, and Nasaline. Most ear drops are used the same way.

In order to prevent any problems you should have someone apply the drops to your ears so that you do not touch the dropper does not come into contact with the ear. Warm up the container by holding it in your cupped hands for a few minutes. The warmer it is the less you will have to worry about making yourself dizzy.

You do have the ability to use the ear drops in your ears – but be very careful and follow the directions given. First you will need to wash your hands. Do not let the dropper touch your hands, ear, or any other surface so that it does not become contaminated.

Lay down on your side and tilt your ear up. Hold the dropper over the ear and place 5 to 10 drops into the ear canal. If you are an adult you will need to hold the earlobe upwards and back. This helps to make sure that the drops fall into the ear. When using these drops on children hold their earlobe downwards and back. Make sure that your head stays tilted for a few minutes or you can place soft cotton inside your ear.

Any extra wax that is left behind can be removed by rinsing it out with warm water or using special ear wax removal tools. Make sure that you do not rinse out the dropper – but immediately place it back in the bottle.

Ask your doctor before you try to use ear wax removal drops on children that are younger than 12 years old.