Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy

There are many different things you can do from home to help with ear wax removal. Ear wax removal home remedy seems to be the most common way to get unwanted ear wax out of the ear. Ear wax removal home remedy can range from Q-tips (not recommended), cotton swabs (not recommended), over-the-counter medicine, hydrogen peroxide, store bought ear drops, and ear wax removal candles.

Hydrogen Peroxide is considered to be one of the safest ear wax removal home remedy. It is a simple three step process that starts with putting three drops of hydrogen peroxide into each ear nightly for three days in a row.

Once you have put hydrogen peroxide in your ears for three days – you are now ready to flush out the dissolved ear wax. Use one of the blue bulb syringe that you can find at any drug store with luke-warm water and gently squirt water into the ears. After gently squirting water into the ear tilt your head to let the water run back out the ear. After the water is out of the ear, soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol – squeeze a few drops of rubbing alcohol into each ear, allowing the alcohol to run completely into the ear canal.

Then you will need to tilt your head and let in run out again. This will dry out the ear canal safely. This is one of the safest and one of the most effective ear wax removal home remedy. This same process can be done with most over-the-counter ear drops but read the directions on those first before using them that way.

Over-the-counter ear wax removal drops are normally a good choice for keeping ear wax in check. You might want to try Similasan Ear Wax Relief Ear Drops. This Similasan’s formula will remove ear wax and clean the ear canal.

The great thing about this formula is it will stimulate your body’s ability to reduce chronic ear wax build up. The glycerin based formula has no peroxide or acid and does not cause itching in the ear canal or dry skin. The Similasan’s formula is all natural and homeopathic which comes with no known side effects.

Q-Tips and cotton swabs(not recommended) I added this in with the ear wax removal home remedy because for the average person the first thing that comes to mind when removing ear wax is Q-tips and cotton swabs and wanted to remind you not to use them for ear wax removal.