Ear Wax Removal Tool

When it comes to removing ear wax there are many tools that have been created. Ear wax removal tools are small and designed so that you might physically remove the wax yourself. These tools must be used carefully and only by those who have been given the proper instructions.

One of the most common ear wax removal tools is the Ototek Loop. This is a long, plastic tool that has a loop built onto the end of it. AEar Wax Removal Tool protective plastic guard keeps people from pushing it too far into the ear.

When using this tool to remove earwax carefully insert it into the ear to one side and carefully swipe it to the other side of the ear. Remove it from the ear and pull out the ear wax. The loop has been built in such a way to pull out the wax that is in its way. There are other such tools similar to the Ototek Loop that can be used – but are more generic. However, they are used for the same purpose and will get the job done the right way.

Another tool that is commonly used is amide peroxide solution and a rubber syringe. All you need to do is place several drops into the ear that needs it while laying down on your side. Next you will need to place a small piece of cotton that will plug up the ear so that the liquid does not come out. Leave it in for 20 or 30 minutes. Once the time is over remove the cotton and gently wash the ear out with warm water using the rubber syringe. Or you can try using store bought ear wax removal drops

Do not think that any tool that is small and long can be used to remove ear wax. You should never for any reason stick something into your ear unless it has been made and designed specifically for this use. These special ear wax removal tools have been designed in a way to prevent people from pushing it too far into the ear and seriously damaging the ear drum. This is a very sensitive part of the ear and can be injured with only the slightest touch.

If these tools are not working than you will need to talk to your doctor and have them remove it for you. They have special medical equipment that can remove it without harming any parts of the ear.