Why You Need Ear Wax?

Many people have been asking the question – Why you need ear Wax? Well there are many things your ears actually use ear wax for. It’s not just some random substance your body produces to annoy you with. Ear wax is needed to help clean, lubricate, and protect the ear, ear drum, and inner ear canal.

Ear wax helps keep your ears clean by stopping anything from the outside world from getting into your ear canal which could be a bad thing foryour ears and your ability to hear. For instance different types of bad bacteria, dirt, dust, small bugs, fuzz, and all manner of thing have the ability to find their way into your ears. So if you didn’t have any ear wax there to stop them they could waltz right in.

Lastly and very importantly ear wax is needed to lubricate your inner ear with just like the rest of you. Your body finds different ways to keep different parts of your body lubricated and ear wax is what it uses for your inner ear.

Now if you were interested in knowing how ear wax removal works or how to get rid of ear wax then check out other parts of my site. But before you go thinking you have a problem with wax build up let me tell you an interest fact. Cerumen(ear wax) Impaction also know as wax blockage or blocked ear is said to only happen to six percent of the population.